Knoxville Hoarding Clean-Up

Hoarding Clean-Up

We provide hoarding clean-up for a wide range of situations, whether the hoarding has been happening for months, years, or even decades. Our home restoration team is equipped to address even the most extreme hoarding scenarios.

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What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental health disorder characterized by an excessive and persistent accumulation of possessions, often to the point where living spaces become cluttered and difficult to use for their intended purpose. People who hoard typically have difficulty discarding items, regardless of their actual value, leading to a buildup of possessions that may include things like newspapers, magazines, clothing, household items, and even trash. This often leads to issues like black mold or structural damage. Hoarding negatively impacts health, safety, and mental wellbeing. The accumulation of items usually conceals some amount of food waste, black mold, and rodent droppings, all of which can pose health risks. Safety is often compromised due to exposed wires, standing water, and structural damage. Constant exposure to physical harm is emotionally difficult and can lead to mental health issues for all who are living in the home. Fortunately, Hometown Restoration Group is only a phone call away.

The Home
Restoration Process

Hometown Restoration Group follows best practices to ensure safe, effective hoarding clean-up. First, we don PPE to protect our home restoration team from hazardous materials and toxic fumes. Next, we dispose of articles that cannot be salvaged, such as paper products and porous materials. We thoroughly clean surfaces from contaminants like black mold and pet waste, or we replace material that is irreparable. Additionally, we can remedy structural damage as well as damage to paint, drywall, flooring, or cabinets. After the home is emptied, cleaned, and repaired, we provide finishing touches such as fresh paint and odor removal.

Hoarding Cleaning Service Knoxville
Knoxville Hoarding Clean-Up Service

Benefits of
Hoarding Clean-Up

Safety is one of the most important benefits of hoarding clean-up. You will be able to enjoy a home that is free from structural damage and walk freely on a clean, safe floor. The air you breathe and the things you touch will be sanitized. We’ll restore your home to something you can be proud of. You may once again enjoy your rooms for their intended purposes: Cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom, and lounging in the living room. Contact Hometown Restoration Group for your hoarding clean-up needs so you can relax and breathe easy in your newly restored home.