Knoxville Trauma Clean-Up

Trauma Clean-Up

Hometown Restoration Group offers crime scene and trauma clean-up services in Knoxville following traumatic events, including unattended deaths, suicides, and violent crimes. People are often in shock and at a loss when they discover a crime scene or trauma. Untrained individuals should not attempt restoration on their own because it poses serious risks to their emotional and physical health. Our restoration team has responded to countless trauma and crime scene clean-up scenarios, so we know exactly what to do and can take great care to ensure the area is left clean and sanitary. Trauma and crime scene clean-up technicians must approach their work with a high degree of compassion and sensitivity, recognizing the emotional impact these events have on the affected individuals and their families.

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Knoxville Crime Scene Clean-Up

Crime Scene
Clean-Up in Knoxville

Hometown Restoration demonstrates a commitment to excellence with our thorough trauma and crime scene clean-up. We don personal protective equipment from head to toe as we prepare for thorough and intensive home restoration and decontamination. Our home restoration team begins trauma clean-up by removing dangerous chemicals, bodily fluids, tissue, and other unwelcome substances. We repair cosmetic and structural damage, including holes in the walls, touch-up paint, and insulation replacement.

Meth Lab

Meth labs use several volatile chemicals that can leave harmful residues throughout a structure. Chemicals from a meth lab can seep into the walls, insulation, floors, and all other areas of a home, making the area practically impossible to decontaminate with DIY methods. Our disaster clean-up team follows federal and state guidelines to properly clean all surfaces as well as non-surface areas that have absorbed dangerous toxins.

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Trauma Clean-Up Service Knoxville

Discretion and Compassion Guaranteed

A trauma clean-up scenario often causes some degree of emotional trauma for the homeowner. We understand the concern over blood-borne pathogens, and we rigorously sanitize crime scenes so that there is zero residue of HIV, E. Coli, or Hepatitis. We demonstrate compassion and discretion for homeowners and occupants and work to minimize the stress that accompanies a traumatic event or crime scene. For experienced, thorough trauma clean-up, call Hometown Restoration Group.